A hairy testosterone filled man...

As a hairy testosterone filled man, the thought of using Laser hair removal really didn’t occur to me until recently. Whilst I enjoyed the majority of the caveman / hairy chest look I have to say that I had always hated the hair on my back and shoulders.

I became pretty embarrassed about it especially in front of girls (I felt like I had fur epaulettes, it was bad) so I used to trim it. However, as a single guy this wasn’t easy and never looked good for long to do so I wanted a longer-term zero hassle solution.

Before my first session of Laser, I was pretty nervous – I had reservations about whether it would damage my skin, whether it was carcinogenic and how much it would hurt. There was also a lingering feeling that it may start a full wildfire on my hair or have little or no effect.

At Bare Beauty, Harriet put me at ease and explained everything to me. Putting my mind at rest about the lack of dangers and showing me images of guys who had Laser done to them before and the great results.

I have to say I was still apprehensive and doubtful whether these results could be replicated on me but I was willing to give it a try.

Apart from a warm prickling the Laser doesn’t hurt much, it is like a very small needle pricking – so more uncomfortable that painful. Harriet alters the strength of the laser machine on different parts depending on their sensitivity and you start with the most sensitive first and build up so there were no nasty surprises or painful moments!

As I was getting my whole back done and hadn’t shaved it probably took about 45minutes but you can make this quicker if you shave.

The Aftermath; there was no pain afterwards and aside from some redness on my back there was none of the annoying mess you get after waxing or hair removal so your prize threads won’t get ruined.

The Results; are incredible 6weeks later if I was shaving my whole back hair would have grown back. Now after just one session large areas of my back now have no regrowth at all and where the hair has regrown it is much thinner and less dense. I would think with two or three more sessions it will be almost totally gone, what a transformation!

Thanks, Bare Beauty,